‘Pakjesavond’ with Greg Shapiro on Wednesday 5 December

Following the Dutch tradition of ‘Pakjesavond’ on December 5th, Greg Shapiro will add a special item to his show ‘The Madness of Kind Donald’. He will compose a tailor-made ‘Sinterklaas-gedichtje’ for your guest! The show starts at 20:30 and tickets are online fore sale for only 5,75 euro.

‘The Madness of King Donald – a Trump Workshop’ is an evening of standup comedy, with improvisation thrown in. Every show features a chance for the audience to ask questions to the President. As ‘The Original Fake Trump,’ Shapiro remains committed to giving more press conferences than the actual Trump.

Surprise your guest on ‘Pakjesavond’! Write down five things about him or her before the show, and Greg Shapiro will read them out on stage – as Donald Trump. That’s a really nice ‘Sinterklaas-gift!’

Fancy a diner before the show? Want to make sure you’ll have a seat during the show? Buy your ticket for the comedyshow and add a diner reservation.

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